Assassin’s Creed 3 Privateer Contracts Guide

In this guide we’ll cover some naval side missions, the Privateer Contracts, in Assassin’s Creed 3: they are quicker and easier than the other naval missions and they’re completely optional. You may want to invest some time on them if you’re into trading, since the privateer contracts reduce the overall risks on trade routes and they’re also required to obtain the 100% sync. If you’re a completionist you’ll have to complete them but don’t worry, they’re pretty fun.

  • Henderson in distress

Limited allied loss 50%

The only way to prevent too many losses is to simply take down as many enemies as you can in the fastest way possible. There’s no easy way out, it’s all up to your skills.

  • Paving the way

Destroy three ships by ramming them

Using Halfsail is the best way to go, since you’ll get enough speed and balance to ram enemies’ ships quickly. No need to worry about your ship’s damage too.

  • Dread of night

Limit environmental damage

Only use your cannons when you’re close to the St James to avoid damaging the surroundings.

  • Troubled water

Limit damage taken

Incediary shots will make your life easier. With two well placed shots you can sink each ship: if you’re quick enough you won’t have to take more than one ship at a time, lowering the risk of sustaining too much damage and failing.

  • Raiding the prospector

Sink the fleet within time limit

Ignore the big ship and just go for the small ones with standard shots while keeping the ship to the left. Once you’re done with the smaller ships the big one will probably be very close to you: broadside her, you can take her down in just one hit. Don’t worry about failing more than once, this one really depends on some luck.

  • One of a kind

Sink a frigate

Self explanatory: wait for the frigate to appear and then destroy it!

  • Blistering dawn

Limit damage taken

Like with the mission “Troubled Water”, incediary shots will be a great help.

  • A call for help

Limit ally damage

Like in the first mission, it’s all up to personal skills: sink the enemies as quickly as you can.

  • Search for the somerset

Limit environmental damage

This one’s easy, watch out for the rocks at the beginning of the mission and you’ll be set.

  • The sea wolves

Complete the contract with the minimum allied casualties

Using the fire shot will do and casualties will be kept very low.

  • A midnight engagement

Minimize enviromental damage

Just like in the search for the somerset mission, just avoid the rocks at the beginning of the mission.

  • The Giant and the Storm

Sink ships by firing on their powder stores

Damage each ship without destroying them to reveal their powder stores: a well placed shoot will finally sink the ship.

And that’s all for the Privateer Missions, hope we have helped you making your trade routes safer!


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