Assassin’s Creed 3: Multiplayer Content Guide

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As made apparent in Ubisoft’s just-released Assassin’s Creed III, multiplayer isn’t just a tacked on time-killer. Bonus content can be unlocked not only through microtransactions, via Ubi’s service, but also through playing the game itself, much akin to Free-2-Play online games you find online. Completing 12 Sequences in the game’s single player campaign will net you a total of 60 Uplay points, and reaching level 20 in Multiplayer mode will get you an additional 40 points, all of which can be spent on not only AC3 content, but also content from other games that use the Uplay service, i.e. Tom Clany’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.
Presently, Ubisoft offers:
  • The Life Scratcher: Increases Connor’s tool capacity as well as unlocks exclusive items (20 UP)
  • Ezio’s Outfit: Doesn’t need much explaining–you unlock the outfit Ezio wears in AC: Brotherhood (30 UP)
  • The Renegade Pack: Unlocks the ‘Night Stalker’ costume, as well as exclusive profile items (40 UP)




But of course there’s more to be had than just what Uplay has to offer; the multiplayer itself features multiple characters to gallivant about as, each with their own, unique history and ancestry:

Kuruk “Bear”: Otherwise known as The Heath Bar, regardless of the irony. Kuruk left his own Pawnee tribe when his brother became its chieftain, and while living in exile, he learned how to make so rather deadly weapons of his own. Much like a heath bar, he’s the type to cut the gas and hit you with the hard stuff right away.

John “The Carpenter” O’Brien: The common tale of a workman travelling to America to start a new, taking a bit of a turn when he chooses to kill those who encroach on him too quickly. He reminds me of the misery one endures when one eats a bag of sour Skittles too quickly…

Matthew “The Commander” Davenport: A fierce officer of the British Military in the American Revolution, his daughter (mentioned later down this list) enrolled into the army as a redcoat secretly. His aforementioned ferocity is much akin to the viscous oral assault of a Warhead.

Gerhard “The Hessian” Vonstatten: I site this guy as evidence that the AC 3 team did their research well, though I initially took him as Von Steuben who would be a little busy in Valley Forge at the time, in retrospect. He is described as being a mindless killing machine, an exemplary Hessian (German militants hired by the British in the war, who were pleasantly surprised by Washington after he crossed the Delaware River). Vonstatten is something like the molasses monster from Candy Land, in that I really have no idea what he’d taste like, but an encounter with him can’t be pleasant.

William “The Hunstman” de Saint-Prix: The Revolutionaries don’t like wealthy foreigners very much, but the former French aristocrat does know a thing or two about crafting weaponry. I can only say he was lucky to have gotten out of France during the American Revolution rather than after. Call it a cop-out, but the rich exterior and swift fighting style is like a morsel of luxurious Godiva Chocolate, to the letter.

Alsoomse “The Independent”: The second Native American on the table, Alsoomse is of the Shawnee tribe. Being rather aloof as a child, she grew to become attached to her own ideals, which she became willing to even to die for, making her become known for a rather volatile temper. We’re already beginning to scrape the bottom of the barrel of candy analogies, but this one still counts: you know how at the bottom of a bag of Bottle Caps, or Sweet Tarts, there are the candies that are surrounded by a bunch of hard bits, but pretty much turn to dust in your mouth? Somewhat like that.

Gillian “Lady Maverick” McCarthy: Orphaned in the New World, she and her like-named, Scottish brother Fillan McCarthy had to learn to survive in the harsh and unforgiving conditions of the street. Though unlike her brother, Gillian made her own way by seducing men for favours, including some rather influential politicians. The Ice Cream Queen from Cnady Land doesn’t count, even though nothing else would make me love this game more…I suppose the next closest thing is chewing gum, good for a short affair but nothing you want to keep too long.

Victor “The Mountebank” Wolcott: Oddly reminiscent of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s character, Chillingworth, Wolcott is a rather grim doctor, known to mix up elixirs that keep his patients on the brink of death. I accredit the skill to his plentiful dissections of ‘fresh’ bodies, of mysterious origins no less. I don’t think these are even made any more, but like a Wonder Ball, we can never be sure of what’s going on inside his head…

“Joe” “The Night Stalker”: No one really knows anything about him–not even his name. They call him ‘Joe’ on speculation alone, but if the frontier wasn’t bad enough, this shadowy fellow is the nightmare of the colonials. The Night Stalker doesn’t really seem to fit in the the others, as he works for cash, not freedom, so for that reason I deem him a Candy Cane, because that is the only candy you can’t really hand out on Halloween.

Emily “The Pioneer” Burke: She’s like what Princess Leia would have been, if she cracked after Alderan was destroyed and decided to go kill Darth Vader herself. Wither her brothers and Father being killed during the Revolution, Burke went on a hunt for answers, killing anyone she believed was responsible in some way for their deaths. While she is truly a bit of a loon, you have to respect her fiery passion, matched in intensity by a Fireball candy.

Padre Federico “The Preacher” Perez: Riding on about the same level of sanity as The Mountebank, Perez was born in Florida and seeks to ‘cleanse’ the land of sinners, by any means necessary. Federico is, in that sense, like a very strong peppermint that wipes any other taste out of your mouth in seconds.

Fillan “The Robber” McCarthy: A sort of dashing rogue, FIllan decided that instead of manipulating his way to the top like his sister, he’d abandon the system altogether and live as an outcast. His philosophy has become to live each day as it comes–a rather optimal way of life when one’s business includes assassinations. Fillan is the Now & Later, in that he’s deceptive–first appearing to be just another chewy candy, when in he reality he’s as tough as nails.

Chogan “The Silent Shadow”: Another loner in our cast of homicidal recluses, Chogan was raised alone by his father, away from his Mohawk tribe. When his father was killed by a zealous British soldier, he quickly moved to the city, seeking revenge. One thing I never liked about eating Smarties is that once you open the roll to eat one, at least one other falls out onto the ground as though to exact revenge for his eaten brethren. Note: Chogan is a character exclusive to those who have logged into their Uplay accounts in Assassin’s Creed 3, players without a Uplay account, or a linked one, will not be able to use “The Silent Shadow”!

Nukilik “The Strong Man”: Hah! And you thought the tribes of the far north were twiddling their thumbs this whole time? The Inuit chieftain, Nukilik, travelled countless miles south to assist the cause of the Revolutionaries and members of his kin who have become involved with the whole affair. In terms of candy, I’ve got nothing. Really, this guy is just a plain Hershey’s bar of chocolate at best–not the most exciting thing out there, but it pulls through in the end when there’s no other candy left.

Eleanor “The Redcoat” Mallow: Eleanor is that aforementioned daughter who secretly enlisted in the British army during the Revolution. Though women tended to stay out of the way of fighting, it is worth noting that women often served as spies for the British, and the less femenine types were sometimes able to pass as men and fight along the front lines (though Mallow doesn’t seem to actually do much to hide her gender). I suppose the best equivalent to candy one can find is Sour Patch Kid…maybe without the sweet side.

Insofar, there are two other characters: “The Black Bird” & “The Sharpshooter”, neither of which details are available for.



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