Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer Abilities Guide Part 2

Have you already tried some of you tips to make the best of the multiplayer abilities in Assassin’s Creed 3 multiplayer? Today we’ll cover some more abilities.


Once used, Firecrackers shocks npc and makes them lay on the floor: other players just get blinded. It’s a very useful abilities in both offense and defense: since the reaction is different, you can use firecrackers to identify blending opponents, to prevent them from reacting effectively to your attacks and even to fool them into thinking you may be using a different launch item like a smoke bomb; while defending it can give you time to get away since while blinded HUD and sync locks are removed.
In crafting just boost the cooldown, no reason to improve range and duration.


Using Glimmer makes you disappear literally for a few seconds: the slowly you move the better the effect since running makes you slightly easier to spot. Once you make a kill or stunt you’ll become visible again. Glimmer is one of the best abilities that can be used in a variety of situations: to approach a target, to make a desperate escape, to win chases and to score even better kills, to fool enemies during team play. It’s important though that you don’t abuse the ability to not give away your strategy away to your opponents.

Money Bomb

Just like the name suggests the money bomb is simply launching money on the ground, attracting npcs. As you can expect, the primary use for this ability is to discover blending opponents who won’t be reaching for the money. Another interesting use which may need a bit of luck is using the money bomb to make npc block a chasing or escaping opponent: I’ve tried it a couple times and it didn’t always work, but when it did I could only imagine the other player getting totally mad at the dumb npcs.


Morph will allow you to transform a group of NPC into you for as long as you’re alive: once someone kills you, the ability goes away. You can even activate this ability on a specific targeted area. Morphing is the perfect ability for defense: if you blend with your copies opponents will have to use another ability to locate you. This ability has also an use during offense: if your opponent is blending, simply target the npc group and he’ll be revealed, since the ability won’t work on other players.
To make the Morph ability even better, craft it so that more copies will be produced with a single use


Pistols do what you expect: kill a target in a single hit. Accuracy is very low though, and you need a 100% charge to make it better: crafting improves accuracy as well and you can reduce the time needed to reach maximum charge.
Since you’ll always have it at your disposal it’s gonna be your primary backup plan in case other abilities won’t help you. using the pistol will make it easy for opponent to pinpoint your location thanks to the noise and the shooting animation. There’s no real tip in using the game or when to use because it’s really up to you: the only advice, as I said before, is to improve accuracy and charge time with crafting.


Poison is the perfect weapon for stealthy players: you have to approach your target and witness a slow and painful death. This ability has its pros and cons: it puts you somewhat in danger since you have to get close to the target; it will give you really high points if your target gets killed by the poison but they may be sliced by half if someone else terminates your victim before the poison kills him. You have to take some risks but it can really be worth it.

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