Assassin’s Creed 3 Multiplayer Abilities Guide Part 1

Now that we covered the basics of the multiplayer modes in Assassin’s Creed 3, it’s time to delve even deeper: in this guide we’ll start making an overview of the abilities available during multiplayer modes. The best way to win is making sure all your weapons are good to go, after all. All the abilities will be sorted in alphabetical order for practical reasons.

Animus Shield
Using the Animus Shield will allow you to evade most ranged attacks and traps: once it’s activated it’ll become visible to all players so be careful when you see one. To be honest I haven’t met many players who used the Animus Shield, mostly because is kind of a situational ability with a short active time and you have to be an expert to know when to use it. With the Shield you’ll be able to make smoke bombs ineffective, block poison and ranged attacks. Putting an extra charge into the shield it will allow you to block two attacks.

With the Bodyguard ability you’ll be able to get a NPC to act as a copy of your persona for the duration of the ability. Once an opponent approaches the bodyguard will try to stun him. The ability will be useless if other players already have identified you so use the ability when you know that opponents are still clueless about you. Its usefulness is not the best, the ability has very limited range and duration but it makes up for its short cooldown time: use it as soon as possible.

By using Closure you can seal off every Chase Breaker, preventing anyone, user included, to use them as shortcuts. The Breakers will be sealed off for quite some time and the ability has quite a nice range. However it’s pretty useless: very few encounters become chases and locking the Chase Breakers doesn’t prevent enemies from coming after you in different ways. Stay away from this ability!

As the name suggests, when using Decoy a NPC will disguise as you and run from your location towards your target. As with the Bodyguard ability, it’ll be useless if your opponents have already identified you. There are many ways to make the ability more effective: if you run towards the target together with the decoy, for example, you’ll be able to easily fool the enemy.
It’s very short cooldown time makes it a very valuable ability but don’t abuse it, you’ll just end up becoming predictable.

A personal favorite: use the ability to disguise yourself for a few seconds. Since it’s gonna be evident when the ability is used and when its duration expires, use it near crowds and where no opponent can see you and do the same when the ability is about to wear off.
Also keep in mind that line of sight and proximity indicators will still be on when you’re disguised.
The best thing about the Disguise ability is the variety of situations it can be used in: you can use it even while you’re hunting a target to make sure you’re pursuers won’t interrupt you when you’re doing your sweet job.

The Disruption ability is your best weapon when doing a stealth game: it can be activated from a distance without making you easy to spot and it messes up the HUD of your target. If you like to toy with other players this is the perfect ability when used while blending: your target won’t know what hit them.

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