Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation missions guide

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To start recruiting Assassins in Assassin’s Creed 3 you first need to complete 6 liberation missions, 3 for Boston and 3 for New York.
The liberation missions will be available after Sequence 6 – Memory 3: The Angry Chef: you will help Stephen Chapreau liberate Boston central district. Once you’re done with the mission you can liberate all the districts of the two cities. Once you’re done with the basic liberation requirements a special mission will be unlocked that will be performed together with your potential recruit: complete the mission and the recruit will join you.

Here are the missions required for liberating each district: please note that Central Boston district will be liberated after the Angry Chef mission.

South Boston

  • Defeat escorts
  • Kill Conscription Agents
  • Special mission: Martial Law

North Boston

  • Protect merchant
  • Free captives
  • Special mission: Gangs of Boston

North New York

  • Beat up merchant
  • Defend farmer
  • Prevent evictions
  • Special mission: Hoarding provisions

West New York

  • Carry sick civilian
  • Put down rabid dogs
  • Special mission: Protect the clinic

East New York

  • Beat up an Officer
  • Prevent an execution
  • Plan false documents
  • Special mission: In the wolf’s lair

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