Assassin’s Creed 3 Full Synchronization guide part 3

With half of the story sequences fully completed, it’s time to move on the second half of the game. We’ll cover sequences 6, 7 and 8. Here we go!

Sequence 7

  • Memory 1 – The Midnight ride

Do not trigger open conflict
Simply avoid all patrols until you get to the door with the ambush

Reach Prescott’s location within 2 minutes
After the ambush head down the road and at the intersection turn right and head up the hill into the forest. Try to keep the platoon away to avoid getting shot and wasting time in the process.
Once at the top of the hill, go left and down the hill; jump across the fence and head towards a small river, cross it and up on the nearby hill. While on the hill, get on the road to the left side and head for the house.

  • Memory 2 – Lexington and Concord

Rescue the civilian hostages
While riding through the town before the bridge, you’ll notice a secondary objective popping out: head to the marked location and take out the escort

Kill a group of regulars with a single order on 5 occasions
This one is easy, just have all the group of soldiers fire at the redcoats as soon as they are going to shoot

  • Memory 3 – Conflicting looms

Cross Charlestown without taking damage
Just keep moving and you’ll be fine

Air assassinate a granadier
There’s a granadier on one of the ships. Air assassinate him and you’re done

Remain undetected while on the ships
This can be quite hard to do if you’re not more careful than usual: try to pinpoint the locations of all guards before moving and use the objects to your advantage. Knowing the patrols’ routes will help you greatly: once I knew where all the guards where and where they were going it was smooth sailing. Don’t rush in and be patient and you’ll make it.

  • Memory 4 – Battle of Bunker Hill

Cross the battlefield without taking damage
Use the cover and keep track of the redcoats on the hill. Once you see the blast move to the next cover

Limit regular kills to 4
Avoid killing enemies and you’ll be fine. Stealth kills are fine

Air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected
Once you clear the battlefield, get up on the tree on the right. Cliff wall and climb up to the camp. Use the bushes to hide while moving outside the camp. When you see a hay bale wagon, get into the smaller camp on your left. You’ll see an officer, take him down silently, climb the trees and reach the flagpole. Air assassinate and you’ll be done with all the objectives for Sequence 7

Sequence 8

  • Memory 1 – Something on the side

Perform a successful static eavesdrop
Get behind the barrels near the meet point

Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop
Be careful on the first street, almost halfway on the road hide in the group of people on the right. On the second street stay close to them and hide behind the object on the right when they turn so that they won’t see you

  • Memory 2 – Bridewell Prison

Attack no more than one prison guard
Just avoid all guards

Reach Hickey within 2 minutes
Walk up the stairs and avoid the guards and keep running so that you reach the cell before alerting the guards

  • Memory 3 – Public execution

Washington’s bodyguards must survive
Run after Hickey so to stop him before he has a chance to kill the bodyguards

Kill 2 enemy militiamen
Kill them in the square before you eliminate Hickey

Sequence 9

  • Memory 1 – Missing supplies

Catch the cart driver within 30 seconds
You’ll do it without even trying

Do not hide in the hay cart following the convoy
Use the ledge to the left of the road to get up the trees and follow your targets to keep eavesdropping without using the cart

Kill three camp guards without being detected
Being quick and sneaky is the key here since you’ll have to keep eavesdropping. You’ll notice the three guards easily, being quick enough is up to your skills

  • Memory 2 – Father and Son

Do not get detected while stealing the mercenary outfit
Head to the end of the area and sit on the bench. Follow the passing guard and take him down once at the end of the area

  • Memory 3 – The foam and the flames

Limit Haytham’s health loss to 50%
Kill everyone as quickly as possible

Do not take any fire damage
Not really hard, the path to avoid the flames is pretty clear

  • Memory 4 – A bitter end

Limit environmental damage to 20%
Don’t run into anything, it shouldn’t be too hard

Stay within 500 meters of the schooner
Another easy one: as long as you follow the schooner closely you’ll be all right

Achieve a minimum kill streak of 3
Find a group that’s already fighting and kill someone to begin the chain and quickly take out the other 2 needed for this objective

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