Assassin’s Creed 3 100% Synchronization guide part 1

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To obtain the perfectionist trophy/achievement, Assassin’s Creed 3 players will have to obtain 100% synchronization for all Main story Sequences. Unlike Brotherhood and Revelations, there are less missions but more objectives to clear to get that 100% rate.

Sequence 1

  • Memory 1 – Refresher Course

Simply complete the mission

  • Memory 2 – A Deadly Performance

Complete the mission normally

  • Memory 3 – Journey to the New World

Limit health loss to 10%
Use the Counter Disarm combo against Mills to avoid getting too much damage

Rescue James within 40 seconds
This is easy: simply go to the other side from your starting position to rescue James withint the time limit

Sequence 2

  • Memory 1 – Welcome to Boston

No optional objectives, just complete the mission

  • Memory 2 – Johnson’s Errand

Kill 10 mercenaries with firearms
To make things easier, since you have to keep at it for the whole mission, grab a musket from the redcoats and fire away.

Do not let Hickey or Lee lose more than half their health
It’s easier than it may look: take out as many enemies as you can at the beginning of the mission. During the second part of the mission watch out for the snipers on the roof: grab a musket and let them taste it.

  • Memory 3 – The Surgeon

Eavesdrop on a moving group of guards
Quite simple: find a good place to blend until a group of moving soldiers passes by, follow them until you’re done listening

Do not fail a single eavesdrop
Complete 3 eavesdrops using the previous strategy and you’ll be done in no time

Remain undetected during the warehouse infiltration
The best way is to proceed with caution and use the bushes as cover. There’s a trick in the patrol route: they go in a circle so you can just stay behind them moving from corner to corner.
To get the Key, wait for the guard near the pier to move away, head to the key guard and pickpocket him. Once inside use the hidden blade to take out one of the Redcoats to end the mission

  • Memory 4 – The Soldier

Limit detection time to 15 seconds
While trailing the Redcoats, just use the corner to corner method and you’ll be fine, they never look back

Perform a kill streak of 3
You can do it easily in the final battle for the mission

Prevent snitches from calling reinforcements
Kill the enemies with the red dot over their heads: they’re the snitches. Chase them if they try to get away.

  • Memory 5 – Infiltrating South Gate

Find and kill the General
The General is on the right side of the camp and he’ll be marked once you get close to him. Stay near the waters edges and you see him walk around in a set pattern. Get near the la st tent in his path and perform a Corner Assassination

Perform 3 Corner Assassinations
We already did the first one with the general. The second one will be the officer near the prisoners. He moves in circles so get behind a corner, whistle and assassinate him. The third one is near the pier, patrolling an area close to the wall on the right side. Whistle and kill.

Avoid firing line damage
This one can be frustrating, especially for the large firing line on the road. You can try avoiding it altogether by getting into the water and climb back up again the wall on the right side. The other two firing lines will be easy to avoid, there’s plenty of enemies to use as Human Shields

Sequence 3

  • Memory 1 – Unconvinced

Limit health loss to 50%
You’ll probably do it without even trying, use the counter button along the corresponding button to match the onscreen prompt

Use 2 breakable objects in a fight
During the fight in the tavern stay close to a table and when countering you’ll throw the enemies into the object

  • Memory 2 – Execution is everything

Do not kill any guards
Simply enough, just use your fists

Sabotage 2 cannons
The first cannon is the left side of the camp: take down the guard patrolling the tents, hide his body and wait for the guard on the outlook to turn around, take him down and sabotage the cannon. Now get over the wall and you’ll see the second cannon: wait for the guard to turn, take care of him and disable the second cannon.

  • Memory 3 – The Braddock Expedition

Kill 2 soldiers without triggering open conflict
When taking over the British camp, go right and get to the camp’s right side. Once at the back of the camp you’ll see a soldier near a pile of leaves, get into the pile, whistle and perform a Silent Assassination. Stay hidden in the pile of leaves, wait for the patrol to come back and repeat the procedure.

Destroy three powder carts
While you’re chasing Braddock, you’ll see three crates with explosives. The hard part is shooting while keeping up with Braddock: the only advice is to reload the moment you shoot. Everything else is up to personal skill.

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