Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer: Obi-Wing Vs. Darth Piggy

Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer: Obi-Wing Vs. Darth Piggy

Combining the most successful mobile games of all time with one of the largest movie franchises ever made, Angry Birds Star Wars is looking to be a highly anticipated hit when it releases next week on November 8. Until then, developer Rovio have released a fun new trailer on their YouTube channel.

The video sees the iconic Obi-Wan versus Darth Vader fight, in bird and pig form respectively. The two rivals stare each other down, while switching their light-sabres on and off repeatedly to create a light show.

A glimpse of gameplay is also revealed, showing that same gameplay we know and love with a nice Star Wars make-over. You can catch the trailer right here:

YouTube Preview Image

We’ve also had a new Hitman: Absolution trailer today, if you prefer some Agent 47 action over bird-throwing mischief.

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