All GTA Cities In One Game?

Rockstar has proposed an ambitious idea of having all the cities that the GTA franchise has to offer under one game.

In an interview with Digital Trends,  Leslie Benzies from Rockstar said, “Of course at some point we would like to have one big world containing all our cities and let the player fly between them and revisit their favorite areas, and in that context re-imagining Vice City would be very interesting.”

Rockstar has previously laid claim that the world of Los Santos in GTA 5 will be bigger than the world of Red Dead Redemption, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and GTA IV’s Liberty City combined. By the stills and trailers released by Rockstar for GTA 5 it seems that this might as well be true.

The amount of side activities or leisure activities that are available in GTA 5 portrays the enormity of the world that the game harnesses. This time around, the GTA 5’s world of Los Santos will have a fully functional sea bed as well. This thus adds to the enormity of the world and makes for a hybrid user experince where players will be able to experience the sea world as well.

If Rockstar plans an actual game which opens up the different worlds to the players, it would be the biggest gaming world ever in a singular game. Technically and visually it would be an achievement for the company and the GTA franchise itself.

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  1. Perhaps. Though I’ll take pragmatism over idealism, because in pratice it generally means a feasible game ends up getting released in a reasonable time frame.

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