Ace Attorney 5 to use “Real Voice Actors”

Capcom has released some new infos on Ace Attorney 5, the upcoming 3ds adventure and eight entry in the Ace Attorney franchise where players take the role of a defense attorney striving to find his clients not guilty using evidence and investigations.
The series has known a huge popularity after the release of the first three games ports, released for Game Boy Advance, on Nintendo DS in the west.
Since then a fourth numbered game has been release on Nintendo’s portable console, alongiside two spin-offs feauturing different characters but similiar gameplay.
Phoenix Wright, main character of the first three Ace Attorney games, will make a comeback in Ace Attorney 5 after being absent in the last entries.
The game looks to continue the style of gameplay from previous installments with a few addittions: a new system, called Heart Scope, gives the attorney the ability to better understand the witness true feelings and can notice discrepancies between what’s being told and the emotional reactions of the witness.
Graphics will make a shift from regular sprites into 3d characters models, allowing for more dynamic camera angles.

One of the series’ quirks was the lack of voice acting, using only sound effects to mark the trials’ most tense moments, like the now famous “Objection” voice sample: it has become almost a staple of the entire series.
For Ace Attorney 5 Capcom will use real voice actors, better suited for 3DS audio capabilities, to allow players to feel even more immersed in the game’s trials

The game is set for a 2013 release window on 3DS. More details will we reported as soon as they are available.


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