3 Reasons Why StreetPass is One of Nintendo’s Best Ideas Ever

StreetPass, as 3DS owners know, is the greatest free feature on the system. Its simple yet vastly compelling, with the puzzle piece collecting in Puzzle Swap and the mini-RPG gameplay in Find Mii/Streetpass Quest incredibly addictive. But the ingenuity at hand goes beyond a fun, free little distraction for ourselves.

Here are three groups of people that are also benefitting from this fantastic little add-on.

1: Nintendo

The service serves as an indirect form of advertising for Nintendo. You see, if it weren’t for StreetPass, you might not feel like carrying a 3DS everywhere with you every day – whether its because you know you won’ t have time to play it on your travels or you don’t have any games you feel like playing at the moment. But because of the addictive nature of StreetPass, we take our systems around with us anyway, because there’s nothing more pleasing than seeing that green light shine to indicate you have a new visitor in your Plaza.

And because more people are rewarded for taking their portable everywhere, there are more 3DS’ people will see being played across the world – in parks, on public transport, schools, shopping centres, you name it. This undoubtedly attracts new customers – people are willing to follow the crowd if they keep seeing the latest gadget flaunted about everywhere, or at the very least helps plant the 3DS’ existence in people’s minds. With the rise of iOS platforms threatening the handheld competition, Nintendo need all the support they can get when spreading the word of their 3DS, and this is a fantastic method.

2: Publishers and Developers

A sad fact about the games industry is that there are fantastic games out there that just won’t sell. When the sales numbers don’t meet expectations, fans are commonly disappointed because a sequel isn’t financially possible. Luckily, there’s a neat feature on StreetPass that shows a little information about you (if you wish to share it) – name, bio, hobbies, and most importantly: the game you were last playing.

There’s already tons of niche 3DS games that won’t grasp the mass public’s attention like a Brain Training clone or yet another Sudoku collection sadly will. Games like Cave Story 3D, Tales of the Abyss, Bit.Trip Saga and more can get free publicity – and all you have to do is play them! Underrated eShop gems such as Mutant Mudds, Mighty Switch Force and VVVVVV can also partake in this alongside retail games. When a fellow Nintendo fan happens upon greeting your Mii into their Plaza, they may get to see a game they haven’t heard of before. Not only that, but by selecting the “Most Recent Software” option, they can find out more about the game from the eShop in the palm of their hands.

3: Consumers

There are many great advantages for us too, besides having an already great feature to play with. As the aforementioned new customers that are drawn in continue to increase, this means more 3DS owners and therefore more StreetPass hits for us.

Nintendo is no stranger to encouraging us to exercise with the Wii (and Wii U’s) motion controls and fitness titles. The StreetPass functionality persuades us to get outside and go for walks just to gain more hits, thus subliminally getting people worldwide to become more active. Which also means we have yet another factor to argue with when the idiotic tabloids still insist on spouting nonsense that video games are bad for everyone.

So there you go: 3DS’ StreetPass is good for everyone and everything in every way every day. Its also (probably) the cure for every terminal disease in the world. Sharing Kirby puzzle pieces with one another is surely taking us a step closer to world peace.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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