A Look Into A Year In Social Gaming- Top 25 Facebook Games (March 2011 and March 2012)

When taking a look into social gaming, you’d be amazed to find out how many people are playing games on Facebook. I went searching to find numbers and figures and it’s interesting to see how many people play games on Facebook on a monthly basis. However, there seems to be a trend happening when looking at March 202 and looking back at March 20111. Social gaming numbers on Facebook are going down. Granted, the number going down isn’t too much but it still shows just how much we use social gaming these days.

Here’s a look at March 2011 Numbers:

(To explain the chart: this list shows the total number of people who played the game in the whole month. The chart also shows how many users played the game the previous month and the change in numbers.)

As you can see, nearly 100 million people played Cityville in the month. When you roughly total the Top 25 on this list, nearly 380 million people played these games on Facebook. Now exact figures for total number of gamers on Facebook isn’t easily availble. But as you can clearly see, alot of people played games on Facebook. That’s where video gaming has been the last few years. More and more people are turning their computers on and playing games on websites like Facebook. This is a reason why video game console sales are where they are at. More people are willing to play a game for free, or download it for $1 or $2, instead of spending $200 for the game console and then $50-$60 for a game. Facebook has plenty of games that they offer and plenty of game developers are making good games for them.

Zynga is the top game developer here in March 2011, out of the Top 25 they have 9 games in it. Zynga had 256 million people play their games on this list. Many of us have probably played the games on this list. Most of the top games on Facebook are also some of the most downloaded games from the App Store.

Now take a look at the numbers released in March 2012:

CityVille still remains the game to beat but notice the number of users. 50 million people stopped playing the game in 1 year and the game had lost 900,000 users in 1 month. When you total up the Top 25, 363 million people played these games. That’s a drop of about 20 million users. That’s still a good number of people playing the games and it shows just how much we like to play social games on Facebook. Zynga is still the game developer to beat on this list, out of the Top 25 they have 8 games on it. 212 million people were playing their games in March and no other developer comes close to the numbers Zynga gets in a year.

A brief look into the numbers from just March 2011 and March 2012 show how much social gaming has become part of our culture. I plan on looking further into the numbers at Facebook to see how many people a year are using Facebook games. This post shows how many of used Facebook for games in the same month, one year apart. Remember when Facebook didn’t exist and we had to play games on (gulp) a game console or at an arcade?

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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