XCOM: Enemy Unknown new DLC detailed

2k Games and Firaxis Games have revealed two upcoming DLC packs for their XCOM: Enemy Unknown game released this past month.
The DLC packs will add more content to the single player campaign and more customizations for the player’s squad.

Development of XCOM: Enemy Unknown started in early 2008 as a big budget project. The developers’ goal was to create a successful reboot of the XCOM series which started in middle 90’s with UFO: Enemy Unknown, a science fiction strategic game.
The series went on with a few gameplay style changes, from real time and turn based strategy games to space flight simulators to shooters and even rpgs, keeping consistent with its science fiction themed beginnings.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown’s prototype was a remake of UFO: Enemy Unknown with an upgraded technical compartment but very little gameplay changes. The game subsequently went through a few revisions to add more content, remove some of the original game feautures which wouldn’t work well now and make the new game a different experience from its source ispiration.
The player will become an elite military organization’s leader, commanding his soldiers in turn based combat mission against enemy aliens. The player will command a squad between four and six member in an isometric perspective using different kind of weapons and items to emerge victorious in each campaign; surviving soldiers will improve their stats and learn new abilities in RPG fashion while players can develop new weapons and improve the XCOM main base in between mission.
Unlike other Firaxis games, console versions are the same as PC versions, without any semplification in content and HUD.

The first new content pack detailed is the Slingshot content pack.
With the addition of three new maps, a new playable squad member and new character customization options players will be introduced to a new set of Council Missions: the XCOM squad will meet the mysterious Triad, fight in the skies of China and divert an enemy ship’s course.
The Elite Soldier pack, available up until now only for preorders, simply offers more customization options.

Pricing and release date for the Slingshot Content pack is still unknown, while the Elite Soldier pack is already available for the console versions of the game for 4.49 euros on PSN and 400 Microsoft points on XBox Live Marketplace.



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