Valve Unveils Gaming Headset

IGN stated that game developer Valve has reveled a new piece of hardware which appears to be a gaming headset. Called the “Big Picture”, Valve stated to the NY times that the headset could “let players loose themselves inside virtual reality and, eventually blend games with their views of the physical world.”

The headset project is being led by Valves Michael Abrash who is a strong believer that this is the step toward the future of gaming technology. Abrash also stated that “credible augmented reality games” could be a few years away and that gaming headsets are going to play a big part. He also mentioned that it is not Valves intention to be a hardware manufacturer and will share the design freely with other companies who want to expand upon it.

It’s rumored that Big Picture will have some TV interface but full details have not yet been released. The idea of a headset gaming console was done  by Nintendo in the mid 1990s and was called the Virtual Boy. Unfortunately for Nintendo, Virtual Boy was a flop. Hopefully Valve will have better success.

Valve is a Seattle based video game developer who has made smash hits such as the Half-life series, Left 4 Dead series, and Portal series.

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