This is Sparta! New God Of War: Ascension “300” DLC announced

A Spartan King will join the Spartan anti-hero Kratos is God Of War: Ascension

Leonidas from the 2007 action movie 300 will be available in the game multiplayer mode as an exclusive pre-order DLC.
It’s not the first time Sony ties the new God Of War entry to a movie: the blue-ray edition of the movie “Total Recall”, available on December 18, will include a demo of the single player mode.

King Leonidas will appear will all his iconic characteristics: his red cape, armor, helmet and spear. Sony also said that the Spartan King will also have his own specific combat abilities.
The DLC will be downloadable with a code for all those who’ll preorder the game at Gamestop together with a 22″ x 28 ” poster. It’s not yet clear if the DLC will be available outside pre-orders.

God Of War: Ascension will shed some light on Kratos’ origins, being a prequel of the original trilogy.
Single player will feature an improved combat system, new puzzles and mini games.
The quick time events have been slighlty changed, replacing button prompts with a free form system, where timing will be fundamental for success. New to the battle system is the ability to steal enemies’ weapons, allowing Kratos to switch weapons mid combo and launch enemies in the air while attacking.
For the first time ever, God of War: Ascension will introduce a multiplayer mode in the series. Two teams of four players will try to conquer a map to receive rewards from the gods.
Each character can sell his soul to one of four gods (Zeus, Hades, Ares, Poseidon) each with an unique play style; characters will learn new abilities by obtaining experience points.
Another multiplayer mode will be called “Favor Of The Gods” where victory is obtained by collecting points named “Favor”, which can be gotten through kills, collecting red orbs in chests and capturing altars.

God Of War: Ascension will hit Ps3 on March 12 2013 in the Us and on March 13 2013 in Europe.

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