The Internet and Gaming

We all know about different edition of the famed “Cloud”. We have Sky Drive, Google Drive, iCloud, and Dropbox. One industry this could help greatly is the gaming industry. Combining the cloud with gaming could have many effects on both of the industries. One company that is already implementing the cloud into gaming is OnLive. OnLive is a company that runs the game for you at one of their servers at the HQ, and streams it to the user, where the user can play the game at their PC. Believe-it-or-not, this is a type of cloud gaming. The user is streaming the video game straight from the “cloud” servers at OnLive. This is just the beginning.

One way internet gaming could be implemented into gaming is a practice that is already growing very popular: Storing games from the Internet on your Xbox or PS3’s HDD. This is becoming a major practice on the PC too. Downloading games will soon overcome buying games from Best Buy or Gamestop, and we will all be digital. Sony has even tried to push downloading old game from the PS1 onto the PS3’s HDD. Microsoft is also doing this, they recently put Halo Combat Evolved on the Live Market for download. This is also just the beginning.

Back to “cloud gaming”, I believe that Sony and Microsoft are yet to implement that into their systems too. I can imagine a day when I want a game, and all I would have to do is pay the cash to play the game, then stream the game to my system. With the edition of the upcoming Google Fiber, I believe that Sony and Microsoft will see a chance here with the insane Internet speeds. I also believe that with the edition of a possible Google and OnLive Partnership, there could also be a partnership with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo as well. This is all speculation for now, but time will tell the truth.

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