Tekken Tag Tournament 2-Finally, another good Tekken game

Got up bright and early to pick up Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (even skipped school to play, but you didn’t hear that from me) and I have to say, it’s a relief that they have made the first good Tekken game in a LOOOONG time. This game has amazing game mechanics and even manages to be funny, and every one loves a funny fighting game. This game has been refined and finally given the artistic attention that the series deserves. Unlike most fighting games, Tekken has stuck with the same ideas that made the game famous in the first place and by GOD it worked as i can easily say, without a doubt, this is the best Tekken game so far. The fighting is fluent and feels extremely natural and the characters are very easy to pick up on. They most likely made the characters so easy to work with so players don’t get stuck with one character and name it their favorite. Namco wants you to experience all that the games has to offer. If you have played Tekken before, you would know that the combat move list for each character is HUGE so you never get bored with using the same moves over-and-over again. There is also a nice little tutorial and training program for those who want to master certain moves and characters. Tekken also has an extreme amount of depth as the characters have very detailed and interactive back stories. A new feature they have added is the COMBOT. It is a robot that players use to complete training missions. With every mission they complete, they gain experience points which they can spend on new moves for the COMBOT. Once the move list is long enough, you can begin using COMBOT regular gameplay. It is basically like creating a character, except instead of customizing appearance, you can tailor the COMBOT to have fighting styles that suit you the best. For regular preset characters, there are also MANY different outfits to chose from. I mean you can be a frikin’ PANDA if you’re into that sort of thing. The game play is near flawless, every game mode is polished to perfection. All-in-all this is an amazing game with limitless replay value. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is would be worth TWICE the money that you can buy it for. Please, for my sake go buy it NOW. Maybe we will meet up online and see what you’re made of

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