Skullgirls ‘Slightly Different Edition’ Coming to PSN on Nov. 20

The PS3 version of Skullgirls will be getting a huge patch next week entitled “Slightly Different Edition” that will add things such as an in-game move list of every character, individual character tutorials, improved user interface, matchmaking between regions and more. No date has been set on when this update will be available on Xbox Live yet. Here are the full patch notes from Shoryuken:

Non-gameplay changes:
– Unlock colors 11-13 for all characters. Enjoy your freebies!
– Improvements to online play:
The NA and EU/ANZ versions are now compatible against each other.
GGPO now rolls back properly instead of slowing down at moderate or high pings, increases playable ping range by quite a bit.
Added many more regions for matchmaking, like Australia, Central/South America, Brazil, Gulf Coast, etc.
Reduce the number of tiers for PS3 matchmaking from 9 to 3, and lower the ‘acceptable match’ threshold so more matches will be found for a given number of players online.
Ranked matches online are now blind-pick, meaning you cannot see your opponent’s character choice until after choosing a stage.
Add screen flash and notification sound when you find a match.
Display opponent’s gamertag during a match.
Display opponent’s chosen assist types on character select.
Addressed the sound issues. Not all problems are fixed but overall should be much better, especially on item drops.
– Improved loading times on 360. Reorganized the entire filesystem. Hopefully it’s enough!
– Added In-Game Move Lists, now you can ignore them instead of just wishing they were there to be ignored.
– Rebalanced AI Difficulty.
– Added Tournament Mode:
Disables granting of in-match Achievements/Trophies to prevent gameplay hiccups.
Forces menu flow of controller select -> button config -> choose characters -> play.
Uses default rounds and time settings regardless of current choices in the options menu.
Disables Sparring Mode toggle.
Allows all non-DLC colors to be used regardless of in-game unlock status.
Returns to the controller select screen if 1p or 2p controller is unplugged at the post-match menu. (Does not do this if a controller is unplugged mid-match.)
Forces button config whenever both players choose to return to character select.
Is part of this complete breakfast.
– Added more Training Mode options:
The Select/Back button can be set to either save/load state, record/playback dummy actions, or do both at once. Easily test any setup with precise positioning every time, at the touch of a button! (Hold the button down, or press LP+HK+Select, to clear the saved state or actions.)
The dummy recording can be set to play back as a reversal. This has endless uses…figure out what is safe against Showstopper, learn to deal with reversal Napalm Pillars or opponents mashing LP or throw, etc.
Input Display (List / Realtime Stick / Both)
Dummy Action (Manual / Crouch / Jump)
Blocking (Never / After First Hit / Always / First Hit Only / Random)
Block Type (High / Low / All)
Pushblock (Never / After Anywhere From 1 to 10 Blocked Hits)
Throw Tech (Never / Always / After First Hit / Random)
Ground Tech (Never / Forward / Backward / Random)
Escape Infinite Combos (Never / After Anywhere From 1 to 10 Burstable Hits)
Dummy Playback (Once / Repeat / As Reversal)
Dummy Playback Side Correction: Choose whether the dummy recording is treated as relative directions (D,DB,B) or absolute directions (Down,Down-Left,Left) when the dummy changes sides. Useful for testing tech punishes or how to deal with crossups.
– Added Character Tutorials: Each character now has simple tutorials in place to teach the beginning players how to perform all of their Special and Blockbuster attacks, with some helpful tips on their use. (Note: Completing these tutorials is now a requirement for the “Sküllgirls” trophy/achievement.)
– Hitboxes displaying when switching characters is replaced by temporarily displaying 8-bit versions of the art, which is much less disruptive to gameplay.
– PAL-50 support with correct frameskip on both consoles.
– Logos at startup are now skippable on both consoles.
– Sparring Mode now saves game state when turned on, and loads it when turned off. Stop the match to check something and resume exactly where you left off! If a new match is started with Sparring Mode already on, the behavior is the same as before.
– Black-and-white super background now fades out in 8f instead of 15f, hopefully helps with determining when DHCs are allowed.
– Only the player in charge of the menu can press the Cancel button to leave the Controller Select screen for Versus and Tournament mode.
– Button config screen now counts mapping the same button or moving the cursor as an action that will keep a player’s screen open when the other player dismisses their screen.
– Button config no longer ignores button presses when another button is held. You can go as fast as you want!
– Main Menu and Training Mode now have 2-player button config, rather than just first player.
– Display chosen assist-type names on character select screen.
– In the Tutorials, move inputs are now described with button icons instead of text.
[—new changes since the previous time the patch was supposed to come out, lol—]
– Add color #18 for everyone, automatically unlocks if you have all other DLC colors.
– EVEN SHORTER load times on XBox than the previously shorter-than-ship ones.
– Buying DLC colors for a character will also unlock their colors 7-9, and their story mode if applicable.
– Can hold Assist 1 or Assist 2 button combinations during loading or between matches to swap starting team order. Once changed, team order stays as the new order, like MvC2, rather than requiring you to hold the button every match. Works in Arcade Mode, Versus Mode, and Tournament Mode. Doesn’t work online, unfortunately.
If you have a team of 2, holding any assist button swaps the characters.
If you have a team of 3, holding Assist 1 swaps 1st and 2nd characters, Assist 2 swaps 1st and 3rd characters, and both Assists swaps 2nd and 3rd characters, the same as MvC2.
– End-of-match timer in Unranked is now 90 sec instead of 15. I was unable to entirely get rid of it. :^(
– Fix dropped inputs for P2 in button config if P1 hit a button on the same frame. Yes, really.
– When either player chooses Return to Main Menu, it immediately happens rather than waiting for the other player to have to choose.
– Add Next Unfinished Lesson option to tutorial end menu.
– Improve visibility of right-side text in tutorials.
– Improve the setting of button macros: When on a macro line, simply press the buttons you wish the macro to be (e.g. LP+MK) and they will be set. To clear a macro, press the macro button. Basically, they work like you would think they should, rather than requiring unnecessary extra button presses.
– Stop Peacock’s bomb-dropping noise at the end of a round/match fadeout. Yay.
– Prettied up that logo billboard on Medici Tower. (^.^)
– Hit voiceover is now played after hitstop, like 3s and older SF’s, rather than upon impact like SF4. Makes impacts sound more solid, and vastly improves the annoyance of things like Argus Agony vs. Filia or Fortune.
– Team size now defaults to 2-character choice highlighted.
– Trial version of the game allows play as Peacock and Filia, rather than Cerebella and Filia, and the AI defaults to Easy. (^.^)
– On “Press button to Invite” screen, Circle/B are now “cancel” rather than still being “invite”.
– Fix supershadows on XBox to be shaded properly, rather than backward. Whoops.
– Fix leaderboard behavior on XBox, no more losing rank when winning matches.
– Fix save-data corruption on PS3 when quitting, YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

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