SingStar becoming a free PSN app in Europe

Singstar, Sony’s competitive music game, will become available as a free application on the PSN Store in Europe(including  Australia and New Zealand). You will still have to purchase songs of course, but you won’t need a microphone. You can use any headset, usb mic or even the PlayStation Eye’s microphone to play. Unfortunately this way you can only play in single player. If you’re serious about getting online you’ll still need a serious microphone.

There will also be short song demos which you can try before you buy a full song, and you can play any previous songs from any SingStar games you own, including PS2 versions. You will also be able to use the PlayStation Portable or PlayStation Vita to create playlists with SingStar remote, share your performances online via the SingStar community service and Facebook, and it will support trophies. No information has been given or whether SingStar will become available as an app in North America or other countries, but we’re hoping. SingStar will be available for European PSN users later today(24 October 2012). Enjoy.

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