Silent Hill: Downpour PS3 patch details

A new patch for Silent Hill downpour will soon be available for the Ps3 version of the game and will feature some performance tweaks and bug fixes. They’re definitely going to make the game more enjoyable, since some of them really drag the whole experience down.

Silent Hill: Downpour is the latest entry in the survival horror Konami series, developed by Vatra Games and released last March. Taking place in the now legendary Silent Hill, a rural town existing in both the real world and a dark world called “Otherworld”
the game uses a third person view and focuses on exploration and puzzle solving. Players will require some strategic thinking before engaging in combat since weapons can be carried in limited numbers and they deteriorate with use. The game also features a decision-making system which will affect how the story unfolds and the ending will be affected as well. A weather and day to night system was also implemented, changing monsters behaviours accordingly.

Some techincal problems have made the game receive a somewhat mediocre reception, despite some good gameplay aspects like the puzzle solving mechanics. Lately bugs and glitches have become the curse of the Silent Hill series: last year Konami released a buggy Silent Hill HD Collection on Ps3 and Xbox360 and all the glitches have yet to be fixed.

The new Silent Hill: Downpour patch will improve the game’s framerate, fix bugs in the “Homeless” side missions and in the game save system. It’s still unknown when the patch will hit the Playstation Network: Konami has simply said in the next weeks. More details will be reported as soon as they are known.


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