PS3 Gets Exclusive Far Cry 3 DLC

The studio responsible for crafting Far Cry 3’s online is currently working on releasing some new DLC, and so soon after the release of the game. High Tides will be exclusively available on the PS3 and will be out around January 2013.

The DLC will include two entirely new co-op chapters; Jailbreak and Redemption. This new DLC will take off where the other co-op chapters left off, and the creative team promises they’re going all-out for this batch of content.

Recently PS3 has been snagging quite a few DLC exclusives. Along with this Far Cry 3 DLC earlier this year they also received exclusive Assassin’s Creed 3 content. It looks really good on Sony’s part, and almost makes up for Bethesda’s floundering inability to give their PS3 Skyrim purchasers the same DLC as everyone else.
Not to say that Bethesda and Sony aren’t trying to work something out.

High tides was announced on Sony’s official PlayStation Blog, and will be out around January of next year.

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