PlayStation Store update postponed for North America

The grand opening of the new PlayStation Store has been postponed in North America, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Despite the store launching successfully earlier this week in Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Europe, there were some minor issues that caused inconvenience for some people, says the PlayStation Blog. Which is why the update, originally scheduled to arrive on October 23, is now postponed indefinitely.

The new launch date will be announced on the PlayStation Blog in the near future. Until then, the current store will remain fully operational, so if you have some weird emotional attachment now is the time to say your farewells.

The sleek looking new PlayStation Store is built entirely on HTML5 which gives Sony “the flexibility to seamlessly add new features and capabilities.” The store currently holds over “20,000 pieces of game-related content including downloadable games, add-ons and themes and more than 100,000 videos and TV shows”

As for the PlayStation Vita version of the store, no information has been given at this time. “We’re considering every possibility, but for the time being, there’s nothing to announce except that this is for the PS3 version of the PS Store,” community manager Morgan Haro told PS Blog. “This new design is only for PS3. PS Vita store will be staying the same at this time.”

Elliot Dumville, product development manager for the PlayStation Store, has said that: “What will be refreshing to customers is that this will represent a new agile programme that will enable us to add new content every month or so, rather than dumping the new content and saying we’re done.”




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