PaRappa’s All-Stars Portrayal Disappoints Designer

Rodney Greenblat is the lead designer of popular music rhythm games PaRappa Rapper and UmJammer Lammy. In an interview with notenoughshaders, Greenbalt admits he is not completely happy with PaRappa’s appearance in Sony brawler PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

I’m very happy that Parappa is making a bit of a comeback, but not so happy about him being in a weapon filled battle game.

Though Greenbalt admits All-Stars is fun, and he is indeed happy about the prospect of PaRappa making a comeback.

Actually the Battle Royal game is fun, and I have to do what I can to get Parappa back in the game scene. My hope is that Sony realizes the golden true potential of Parappa and asks me to design some new games.

I guess it is a bit weird to see the normally peaceful and child-like quality of PaRappa in a brawler game filled with all sorts of angry weapons. At least PaRappa himself doesn’t utilize any weapons in his fighting style.

I’m with Greenblat in wanting more games in the PaRappa series. PaRappa and UmJammer Lammy were some of the best rhythm and music games ever made, and also games many people didn’t get the opportunity to experience.


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