Nippon Ichi “Project D” is actually Disgaea Dimension 2

Strategy RPG fans have a lot to be happy about lately, thanks to a few announcments made by japanese developer Nippon Ichi, known by fans for the many SRPG developed by the company in the past years, with the Disgaea series being probably their most successful production.
Back in July, to celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary, Nippon Ichi teased a secret project, Project D, stating that the project would appeal to both old and new fans.
Today the company has finally revealed that Project D is actually Disgaea Dimension 2, set to appear on Ps3. According to a report on Famitsu site the game will be a complete reboot of the first Disgaea: Hour Of Darkness. This also appears evident after looking at the only artowork shown which depicts characters from the first game of the Disgaea series.
Praised for its humourous plot, Disgaea takes place in the Netherworld, a parallel universe inhabited by demons and monsters. The Demon prince Laharl wakes up after 2 years of sleeping in a coffin to find his father the King dead and the Netherworld throne usurped. On his quest to restore his position, Laharl will meet some wacky characters like Etna, a sadistic girl who enjoys bossing around her minions, the series mascots called Prinnies, the angel Flonne and the Human superhero Gordon.

Gameplay wise it’s stantard SRPG fare but with a twist, which is a staple for Nippon Ichi’s SRPGs: grinding! Characters can be killed and reincarnated, going back to level I but retaining skills and stats and items can be improved by entering and exploring the item world. While not mandatory, grinding becomes a necessity if the player wants to tackle some secret bosses, whose level can go up to 9000!

Can’t wait to go back to the Netherworld to bash some demons’ skulls with a powered up, level 1000 laser blade? Unfortunately there’s not much more info available. Nippon Ichi will give us more info as the countdown on the official site ends


Source: Famitsu



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