New Grand Theft Auto 5 details

New details have emerged for Grand Theft Auto 5, taken from the December issue of Game Informer: even though they may seem reasonable they still haven’t been confirmed so be advised that they may false!

The main character will be named Albert De Silva, an half American half puerto rican 42 years old man with an ex wife and 2 kids. Albert was drawn to a life of crime for the money during his older years: money itself will play a bigger role this time since the game events are set into motion by the main character losing all his money. Albert won’t be the only playable character this time: players will also use Dougie Vejo, a young criminal of Los Santos.
Players will be able to customize their characters clothes, hair and facial hair; no tattoos or gyms this time

Coming back from GTA San Andreas will be Grove Street, home turf of CJ and Sweet: it’s yet unknown how Grove Street will be implemented in the game but the two criminals from San Andreas won’t be coming back; however one of more character from GTA 4 may appear in the new entry of the series.

Lost Santos will be the only big city in game, with many more smaller locations spread on the map: players will be happy to know that they’ll be able to buy property again, giving more importance to the overall locations available.

Stay tuned for confirmation and even more details as the December issue of GameInformer is getting closer to release!


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