Namco Bandai already at work on a new ” Tales Of…” game

The developers at Namco-Bandai must be getting very little time off lately: the latest entry of the Tales Of franchise, Tales Of Xillia 2 was just released yesterday and the team’s already a work on a new game!

As confirmed yesterday in a PlayCommu staff interview by Hideo Baba, the series’ producer, the next game is indeed being worked on.
Baba stated that, while they always try to work on and release a game at a time, ideas for the next game are always coming up during the end of the development process of each game. And this time it’s no different: there are already a few concepts and ideas being explored by team. Also, since the next game will probably mark the 20th anniversary of the series in Japan, Baba is trying to include some new developments for the franchise to celebrate the occasion.

Baba didn’t state if the new concepts are for a single mothership game or multiple spin-offs. More details will probably come soon.

Western players are still waiting for Tales Of Xillia, scheduled to be released in 2013; its sequel, as already reported, was released yesterday in Japan with no news for a possible overseas release.



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