Metal Gear Solid Rising direct feed gamplay videos.

The development history of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is proof enough of how even an important and successful franchise like Konami’s Metal Gear needs some good ideas and able minds behind it to make a quality product. Since Platinum games has been involved in the project things keep looking better and better: today two new direct feed gameplay videos have been made public by Red Sun Gamer, showing an incredible fast paced action adventure game, in pure Platinum Games style.

As the game was originally conceived it was probably headed towards failure. Metal Gear Solid: Rising, as it was known in the past, was going to be a sidestory in the Metal Gear Solid world: it was going to chronicle Metal Gear Solid 2 protagonist Raiden’s change as the Metal Gear Solid 4 cyborg ninja.
Gameplay would still be faithful to the stealth oriented one of the series but with more emphasis on Raiden’s speed and swordplay: the early gameplay footage introduced the concept of being able to cut almost anything in the game and being rewarded with items and weapons for disabling enemies without killing them.
Despite having stories and scenarios for the game ready, it proved to be difficult for Kojima Productions to design the game centered
on the “slash everything” concept: the game was silently cancelled almost two years after the initial announcement.

Thinking only a japanese developer could do a good job on a ninja action game, in early 2011 Hideo Kojima, the series creator, approached Tatsuya Minami, president of Platinum Games, about restarting the project: Minami accepted and the Metal Gear Solid Rising project was completely rehauled.
Rebranded as Metal Gear Rising: Revengeace the game takes places after the events of Metal gear Solid 4 as opposed to a side-story to reflect the total change in gameplay. The game will be an action game focusing on speed and intricate combos with light stealth elements like sneak attacks and reconnaissance gathering.

The new gameplay videos showcase the high speed combat system of Revengeance, with Raiden slicing through enemies with various different combos and flashy moves. The videos also shows the free slicing mode where players will be able to precisely slash enemies. Exploration will play an important role too as seen in the video: Raiden will be able to use elements in the stages to hide from enemies and perform stealth kills. The over the top style Platinum Games is known for will probably make everything even more engaging.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is set for a February 19 2013 release for PS3 and XBOX360. A Pc version is rumored but not yet confirmed.





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