Mass Effect 3 Volus Multiplayer Characters Leaked

Mass Effect 3 is getting a huge, free update in the form of the “Retaliation” DLC for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 9. The update sees the addition of a new enemy type—the Collectors—and a host of new weapons and unlockable character classes.

In addition to the new content, the DLC adds a new Hazard gameplay mechanic to existing multiplayer maps for players to encounter and survive additional dangers from environmental hazards and traps including lightning, acid, meltdowns, and more.

Lastly, the DLC adds a new Challenge database which consists of multiplayer assignments for players to accomplish while in-game. The system tracks how many kills you’ve had with each gun and awards you with special points which you can then use to unlock multiplayer features like banners and titles.

That’s what we know—officially. Unofficially, a picture revealing all the new character classes BioWare intends to add to the game appears to have been leaked on Reddit.

As expected, Retaliation will add new classes from the various races like the Drell, Batarians, Turians, Geth, Vorcha, and Asari. Interestingly enough, the picture also shows that new character classes for the diminutive Volus race are being added into the fray, with playable characters in the Vanguard, Sentinel, Engineer, and Adept classes—because they are biotic gods.

We might haveve never seen a single Volus in combat in the single player game, but that doesn’t mean BioWare isn’t putting the time and effort to design, animate, and program them for full fledged combat in multiplayer. That said, it’s hard to tell how they’ll actually function in combat given their small stature and weak physical attributes.

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