Mass Effect 3 introduces Halloween challenge

Like so many other multiplayer games, BioWare is celebrating Halloween in Mass Effect 3 by adding new themed content to their game. Starting today and ending November 5, players can take on three new special challenges which will earn them a special holiday award. The new challenges require players to run five extractions on the Firebase Ghost map(or its Hazard variant), earn 7,500 points by killing husks(who look like zombies) and earn 10,000 more points from brutes, scions, praetorians, and banshees(i.e. monsters).  This can be done on any difficulty and will earn you a Halloween Challenge Banner for the game.

“Unnerving reports from the front indicate that the Collector reinforcements are more numerous than we feared. At this point, we do not know if our numbers are accurate or if psychological warfare is at work. We need to engage the enemy to assess their true strength,” says the BioWare’s blog. The developer also wishes you a happy and safe Halloween.

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