Lone Survivor making his way to PS3, Vita

Lone Survivor, the psychological side scrolling survival adventure game from developer Superflat Games will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, creator Jasper Byrne has revealed. “I’m greatly looking forward to this, as it’s been a dream of mine since childhood to release a game on console, and especially the Sony ones as I love what they do most of all. Anyone who follows my twitter will know that I don’t tend to play games on PC, I really am a couch gamer, most happy on my PS3! Lone Survivor was designed as a console game (in my head, anwyay.) In fact, all the games I work on I really imagine being on console, or fantasise about, anyway,” he says in his blog.

Lone Survivor for the PS3 and Vita will be re-coded from scratch by Curve Studios in London, creators of a number of great PS3 games like Fluidity, Hydroventure and Explodemon. Jasper also revealed that New Game+, his dungeon crawler which has been in development for the last six months is now canceled. ”

I have decided to abandon the project. It’s been a very tough decision to make, quite heartbreaking really, but it IS the right thing to do. It was too big for a single person to make. This is the root of the problem. It wasn’t that I fell out of love with the idea, just that I can’t physically do it.”

So there you have it, some bad news and some good news for fans of Superflat Games.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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