Keep track of all your PSN trophies with Ps3 new firmware update

Keep track of all your PSN trophies with Ps3 new firmware update

Sony has confirmed through its official Playstation Blog that a new firmware update for Playstation 3 is coming very soon in all regions.
With this update the earned trophies, including trophies from PSVita games, will be displayed under the Playstation Network tab on the XMB and the gamer’s progress and level will be shown while looking at the trophy collection.
Sony also announces that on November they will retire all services available through the Life with Playstation application, an online multimedia application on Playstation Network which included the Folding@home application, a distributed computing project for better understanding and studying some human diseases like cancer and the Alzheimer’s disease. The application was focused around a virtual which showed various information like a news program, allowing the user to browse info and contribute to the project and the same time
The new 4.30 PS3 firmware will be available tomorrow, for more info check out the Official Playstation Blog


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