Hitman Absolution DLC Contract Mode Scratched, Content Now Free

Hitman absolution, the much waited extension of the dormant Hitman series will not have a online pass to accesses the contracts mode, instead it will be free for all. The contracts mode is a create your own assassination missions from the single player missions already present and you challenge your friends to beat the revised mission that you have created. A mode that Square Enix is very excited about.

The original plan was to have the mode accessed through a code in the games box, but now the company has had a change of heart. Posted on the games website the team said that “We’d actually planned to have this mode accessible via a code in the game’s box, but we really want to make it available to anybody that plays the game – so we want to take a new approach.” European gamer’s will get the code in there box and will be able to accesses the mode through those means or may simply select buy contract buy option and the mode will be able to download for free. North American players will have the contract mode available to them as soon as they turn on there system in the menu.

Hitman absolution will be available on November 20th for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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