Grand Theft Auto V coming Spring 2013

A new leaked image from a European poster of Grand Theft Auto V indicates that the game is releasing Spring next year. The image was discovered by Polish fan-forum and currently only lists the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 as the game’s platforms. The poster doesn’t say much about whether this is the worldwide release date for the game or just Europe, but it does urge you to “Pre-order now.”

The poster also showcases some art from the game, including one piece that was released recently. The other one shows a gentleman with a baseball bat and a Doberman. This release date of course surprises no one as it makes the most sense, but it’s nice to finally get some sort of confirmation. In the past few months Rockstar has been carefully releasing different media from the game, but nothing this big. More news from Grand Theft Auto V are said to arrive in November.


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