Grand Theft Auto 5 new trailer coming on November 5

It seems like the stream of new information on Grand Theft Auto V won’t stop anytime soon: after the recent confirmation by Rockstar Games of a spring release window, a confirmation that was probably forced by the leak of some promotional material by the British retail chain GAME, a new trailer is coming next Monday, November 5.

Once again it’s a leak that reveals the good news: a notice sent to retail employees states that the second trailer will mark the beginning of the pre-order campaign. It seems legit since more than one retail chain has received the aforementioned note.

Preorder bonuses details have also been leaked: one of the preorder bonuses is a telescope photo viewer key chain; a free poster has also been confirmed. A few images of the preorder bonuses and the photos included in the photo viewer, showcasing some new locations in Los Santos can been checked below.

More details will probably come from the 18-pages long coverage on Game Informer coming next week, on November 8.

As already mentioned, Grand Theft Auto 5 will be released this Spring on Ps3, Xbox 360 and Pc.

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