Gran Turismo 5 passes 9 million copies sold, series at 67.89

Gran Turismo has always had the reputation of being the highest selling of the Sony exclusives and its fifth iteration is no different. Gran Turismo 5 has just passed the 9 million copies sold mark according to an update on Polyphony Digital’s website. Despite still being the lowest-selling main Gran Turismo title, GT5 is closing in on its predecessor – Gran Turismo 4, which is at 9.4.

The Gran Turismo series originally started on the PlayStation One back in 1997 and quickly became one of the premiere racing simulators on consoles. Known for being perfectionists and for their extremely long development times, Kazunori Yamauchi and his team set out to make a huge game and succeeded. Gran Turismo became one of the best-selling PSX titles of all time and was followed by Gran Turismo 2 in 1999. The third game in the series made its way ┬áto the PlayStation 2 and managed to sell a mind-boggling 14 million copies to date. Gran Turismo 4 didn’t quite reach that high, but still did an impressive 9.4 million. Despite issues on launch that were later patched Gran Turismo 5 managed to score an impressive 84 on Metacritic. The game was originally released on the PlayStation 3 in November 2010 after a series of delays and features over 1000 cars(divided in premium and standard categories) and over 81 track layouts, including the Top Gear test track. The game has had several patches released and is currently on version 2.09. Several downloadable content packs were also made available, with the latest one dating to September this year.

Congratulations to Polyphony Digital and to Sony.

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