Famitsu reviews Tales Of Xillia II

A week from today Tales Of Xillia II will hit japanese shelves and the first reviews are coming in with some new details

The latest entry in Namco Bandai Japanese Role Playing Game series has constantly been at the top of most japanese most wanted games since its reveal last August and for a good reason: it seems Tales Of Xillia II will bring a new direction to the series, improving the series formula with additions taken from Western RPGs, much like Final Fantasy XIII-2, the latest entry in one of the most famous JRPGs franchises, such as less linearity and more freedom.

Main character Ludger W. Kresnik will face a difficult choice that will change his destiny and the world around him. He’ll journey to the mysterious wish-granting “Land Of Canaan” together with the eight year old Elle and his cat Lulu and in doing so it seems he’ll put the whole world in danger. They will be joined by the first Tales Of Xillia main cast and two more characters who were NPC in the previous entry.
Choices are going to be one of the game’s main feautures: players will be able to alter the plot by making important decisions throughout the game. It is still unkown if this system will allow for branching storylines or multiple endings.
The battle system will be the usual Tales Of series action based Real Motion Battle System: the game will use a tweaked version of the first Tales Of Xillia Double Raid Linear Motion Battle System, allowing character to link with another during battle an unleash powerful special techinques called “Link Artes”.

Famitsu gave Tales Of Xillia II a score of 35 out of 40 and somewhat confirms that what was promised was indeed delivered. The game will take around 50 hours to complete, 100 hours with all optional content. A high degree of freedom with a good number of side quests always available even at the beginning of the game was confirmed too, alongside the plot relevancy of “a repaying a debt” side quest revealed a few months ago; apparently there’s so much to do that the reviewer said he could just keep doing side quests without advancing with the plot even though the conditions were met.

The choices system has been confirmed to impact the storyline and there’ll be many choices to make, even during skits.
The story and characters are described as enjoyable and charming: players who never played the first game will enjoy the game, players who played Tales Of Xillia will obviously enjoy it more.

Tales Of Xillia II will be released in Japan next week on November 1st. There’s still no news on a possible release overseas but there’s a good chance it could happen: Hideo Baba, the series’ producer, has often expressed his desire to bring the game to west.
Chances will probably increase if the first Tales Of Xillia, slated for release next year, does well in the west.


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