Dynasty Warrior 8 new gameplay details

If there’s a series players seem to never have enough is the chinese history themed Dynasty Warriors game: with the exception of the first game, a standard one versus one fighting game, all the other games in the series feature a similiar gameplay formula which has become over the years the most defining trait of the franchise. If mindlessly defeating massive numbers of enemy soldiers and dueling warlords using real Chinese warriors of hundreds of years ago, this is your game.

Unveiled just a couple of days ago, Dynasty Warriors 8 will be a Ps3 exclusive coming on 2013. The story will be loosely based, as usual, on the “Romance OF The Three Kingdoms” novel, chronicling the turbulent years near the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese History, going from 169 to 280 A.D. This time the plot will revolve around the Jin dynasty, with over 70 characters available for use.

Story mode will be improved from Dynasty Warriors 7: players will have more freedom in completing the stages by choosing their preferred routes and the whole experience will be more immersive with a seamless action sequences-cutscenes transition; free mode makes a come back from Dynasty Warriors 7 as well. Duels against warlords will feature some new attacks like Storm Rush, allowing to breakthrough the enemy’s stance with a series of strikes if the players weapon has the advantage over the enemy’s, and Variable Counter, a counter attack that knocks the enemy back usable if the enemy’s weapon has the advantage. Usable during regular skirmishes is the Awakening Action which increases item drops and improves special Musou attacks.
You can watch some recently released screenshots below.

Dynasty Warriors 8 will be released next year on Ps3. Mode details will be reported as soon as they are available.



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