Dust 514 open beta starting early next year

In a multiplayer session against game journalists, CCP Games Chief Marketing Officer David Reid pointed out that their massive multiplayer shooter Dust 514 will be entering open beta testing in early 2013. The closed beta for the game will continue running throughout the rest of this year. “We’ll be in closed beta for the rest of the year,” Reid told Joystiq. “While determining the precise date for commencing open beta definitely will depend on player feedback, we’re feeling confident that it won’t be much longer after year end.”

He cited the technical complexity of what they’re trying to achieve as the reason for the lengthy wait.

“Given the technical complexity of being the first developer to ever connect a console game to a live running PC MMO [EVE Online]. This takes time to ensure we’re meeting the quality bar we’ve set for ourselves and our players expect, and we’re committed to doing this right.”

He made no mention of an actual number of people who participated in the closed beta, released earlier this year for PlayStation Plus members, just that CCP had welcomed “hundreds of thousands of people.” He also announced that to keep closed beta participants playing, the company would be doing a Double Skill Point event until November 8.

Dust’s official website describes the game as a “massively multiplayer shooter. DUST 514 brings intense infantry combat, large-scale warfare, and deep character advancement to a free-to-play massively multiplayer shooter, exclusively on the PlayStation 3. Wage war in the next generation of first-person shooters, where a single victory could prove the crushing blow to a galactic empire of thousands of online EVE Online® gamers.”

Dust 514 is releasing sometime next year for the PlayStation 3. The game will be free to play.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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