DmC Devil May Cry extra difficulty settings detailed

Every Devil May Cry fan knows that demons hit fast and hard and no matter how good you are, you’ll always find a good challenge in the series, thanks to the many difficulty settings available. DmC, the Devil May Cry series’ reboot developed by Ninja Theory, will follow the series’ tradition with 4 extra difficulty modes, unlocked by completing the game multiple times.

Announced on the 2010 Tokyo Game Show as a total reboot of the series, the game was handed to Ninja Theory for development to get a new fresh perspective on the iconic Devil May Cry characters and gameplay: Capcom wanted to match the most recent games of Devil May Cry creator Hideki Kamiya, now head of Platinum Games, in both story and gameplay.
Gameplay wise DmC won’t be too much different from the prequels: set in a parallel universe, players will control Dante in this hack and slash game during his journey through the city of Limbo. With many weapons and special abilities at his disposal, Dante will be able to switch weapons during combos allowing for great freedom during combat. Dante will also be able to use his angel and demon power, unlocking some more special abilities.

The new four difficulty levels will surely provide a good challenge to veteran players: each new difficulty mode will be unlocked by completing the game using the highest difficulty available at a given time.
The first one is called Son Of Sparda: enemy layout will be different from normal modes and enemies will be tougher. In the second one, Dante Must Die, enemies will be increased in numbers and will be tougher than in Son Of Sparda mode.
In Heaven or Hell enemy layouts will be mixed again and everyone dies in a single hit; for the most dedicated players there’ll be a Hell and Hell mode where only Dante will die with a single hit!

Get ready for some more demon hunting as DmC will hit Ps3 and Xbox360 on January 15 2013. A Pc version was supposed to come at the same time as the console version, but it has been delayed to a yet to be announced release date.



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