Find out how to play the Dead Space 3 demo a week early!

Yesterday, Visceral Games announced that a demo for Dead Space 3 will be released on January 22. To kick off the New Year, Xbox owners are invited to take advantage of an exclusive offer that lets them play the upcoming demo a week early. If you’re interested, feel free to make an Origin account (it’s needed) here and sign up to play the demo early here.

For those who choose to wait, Dead Space 3 will be available for the Xbox 360 February 5 in America, while PlayStation 3 and PC players will get to play it on its European February 8 release date. The offer for the demo will expire January 14. The demo will follow Issac Clarke and his new partner Sergeant John Carver as they fight through an ice planet full of necromorphs.

Aside from a suspenseful combination of horror and action, Dead Space 3 will be delivering a new co-op mode. If players choose to team up, John Carver’s character will offer exclusive access to new side missions, story details and gameplay mechanics. With a new ‘drop-in drop-out feature,’ Dead Space 3 players will be able to team up at any point in the game. So far, the game as won over 15 critic awards at E3 2012.

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