Darkstalkers Resurrection Releasing Mar. 14 in Japan

Darkstalkers Resurrection has been delayed in Japan from February 7th to March 14th, Capcom announced via the game’s website. The reason for this is the developers feeling that they need more time to make sure that the game’s netcode works perfectly and that the port itself is as true to the arcade versions as possible. This delay will have no effect on the North American and European release dates.

Iron Galaxy Studios is handling Resurrection, which combines Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge and Darkstalkers 3 on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN in early 2013. Improvements include HD visuals, online multiplayer, replay sharing, spectator mode, and in-game unlockables. The game’s online will run on GGPO to ensure smooth online experiences and matchmaking, similar to past Iron Galaxy ports, will include options such as selecting regions to be matched with and ping display. A maximum of 8 players is allowed per lobby. A new tutorial will also be available to help new players get acquainted with the game’s fighting engine and controls. Replays can also be uploaded to Youtube. The unlockables can be accessed by completing in-game challenges and include custom artwork by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau and UDON, special videos, and more.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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