Dark Souls: Prepare to die edition hits consoles with a new patch

Dark Souls, From Software successful RPG released last year on PS3 and XBox360, is getting a new patch for the release of its first DLC pack Artoria of the Abyss on consoles.
Pc gamers have already been enjoying the extra content since the release of Dark Souls : Prepare to die edition on PC.
In a few days (October 23th in the United States and October 24th in Europe) the “Prepare to die” edition will be hitting consoles: gamers who already bought the game can get the expansion pack from PSN. No mention for the XBox 360 version yet.
The Artorias of The Abyss expansion is a package of new content separate from the main game: it includes new bosses, areas, weapons and armors, non playable characters and new player versus player options.
The DLC will tell the story of Knight Artorias, one of the four knights of Gwyn and the famed ” Abysswalker”.
The new patch will improve the game’s balance and remove a few glitches, like using the Dragon Head for an unlimited amount of times; some spells will be tweaked and some weapons have had their attributes lowered. Some overpowered pieces of equipment like Black Knight Greataxe, Soul Spear, Crystal Soul Spear and Eagle Shield have been nerfed too.
This patch isn’t just bad news for the adventures of Dark Souls’ world: the number of bonfires, the game ‘s checkpoints, have been increased, making it slightly easier to travel around.


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