Creat Studios announces Germinator for PSN

Creat Studios have announced a new PSN exclusive game called Germinator. Germinator is a puzzle game about bubble germs. Bubble germ popping to be precise. In the game, you must match your germ bubbles by color before they get too big. Upon collision, the bubbles will keep growing and growing until they finally explode in a satisfying and gooey pop. According to Scott Hyman, Vice President of Development for Creat Studios(via the PlayStation Blog), each type of germ has its own unique personality and traits and “making them pop the right way triggers combos to explode them all and make a mess of your screen.”

Germinator promises over 200 levels and support for local multiplayer, both against your friends and against the AI. The game will also support PlayStation Move, and will run in 1080p. While Germinator is currently announced as a PS3 exclusive title, the developer has said that they’re also considering a PlayStation Vita version.  Germinator is set to premiere on the PlayStation Network in late 2012 or early 2013. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but Hyman says that you shouldn’t worry “It will be on the lower end.” The debut trailer of the game is already available, and you can see it below.

Creat Studios have previously worked on Mecho Wars, Pinballistik, Test Yourself, Wackylands Boss, SkyFighter, Freekscape: Escape From Hell, Hamster Ball, Wakeboarding HD, Bubble Trubble, Mushroom Wars, Alien Havoc, Digger HD, Interpol The Trail of Dr Chaos, Smash Cars PSN, Cuboid, Magic Orbz and Mahjong Tales: Ancient Wisdom. Overall, they’ve done over 20 games for the PS3 alone. These guys sure like to make puzzle games.


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