Borderlands 2: Killing Cursed Pirates Guide

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If you’ve had the chance to experience the newest Borderlands 2 DLC, Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty, I’m sure you’ve also had a chance to experience some of the new enemies. One of these enemies is called the Cursed Pirate, and he’s kind of an asshole.

A lot of games have bulky enemies that do a lot of damage and restore health. A lot of those enemies are very slow. Cursed Pirate is not one of those enemies. He does indeed hit like a tank, have the health of a tank, and quickly restore health any time he manages to smack you with his giant hook hand, but he is not, by any counts, slow. In my experience Cursed Pirates run quite a bit faster than I do. So how do we kill the annoying buggers? I’ll take you through the process.

Kiting. Kiting is going to keep you alive and keep Cursed Pirate in the half health state that he starts out the fight with. Don’t let Cursed Pirate hit you, and Cursed Pirate won’t restore health. One of the problems with kiting a Cursed Pirate is that they often attack in encampments surrounded by buildings, debris, cliffs, and other angry enemies. Often times I found myself stuck on the corner of a leaf and the edge of an invisible sign, holding me in place while the Cursed Pirate smacked my face in.

Fire FIRE FIRE!!! If you’re playing in true vault hunter mode you have probably begun to notice every single enemy seems to be resistant to every single element. Because of this reason I haven’t been using elemental weapons, and that lead me to taking much longer in realizing these Cursed Pirates Finally, I could re-equip my awesome flaming transfusion sticky grenades I had to un-equip due to every single enemy not giving a single shit about what element I used even if my Catalyst skill tree had every single point in it. Get a good fire sniper or opt for the easy to get Moxxi’s Good Touch; a fantastic SMG you really need to own anyways. The fire sniper will also allow you to keep the necessary distance away from the Cursed Pirates.

Singularity Grenades. If you’re Maya this is already covered down one of your skill trees. If you’re everybody else or not going down that skill tree on Maya (you’re dumb) then singularity grenades will work just as well. These grenades will give you a few,probably vital seconds, of control over the Cursed Pirates. Use this time to slag them, switch to a fire grenade, or run away as fast as the game will let you. Don’t worry, we won’t judge your decision.

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