Blizzard Has Diablo 3 Running on Consoles

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed that they’ve got Diablo 3 running on consoles, though it hasn’t yet been given the status of an official project. Talking to Polygon, executive producer Rob Pardo explained that they’ve been testing to see how well they can get Diablo 3 to run on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. “We’re still kind of exploring it,” he said. “We’ve got builds up and running on it. We’re hoping to get it far enough along where we can make it an official project, but we’re not quite ready to release stuff about it, but it’s looking pretty cool.”

Lead designer Jay Wilson noted that while they’re exploring the possibilities of the game coming to consoles, that their primary goal right now was expanding it. “The whole team is essentially working on the next big Diablo thing,” he revealed. “A lot of that stuff will show up next year at some point.”

The game was originally released on the PC on May 15, 2012. If you aren’t familiar with Diablo 3 or the series in general, here is Blizzard’s short introduction from the game’s website:

We’re proud of the original Diablo’s dark, moody atmosphere and engaging item-grabbing gameplay. Diablo II added more environmental and monster variety, more diverse classes, and a number of unique elements that have since become synonymous with the franchise (like gems, runes, set items, etc.).

Both games established the series’ hallmarks: randomized levels, the relentless onslaught of monsters and events in a perpetually fresh world, unique quests, tons of items, and an epic story about the High Heavens, the Burning Hells, and the hapless and heroic human beings caught between them.

Diablo III is the inheritor of this legacy, and we’ve added even more elements to the game to keep building on our vision for the world of Sanctuary.

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