BioShock Infinite Delayed Again

Bad news for BioShock fans – Infinite has been delayed again, this time to March 26. The reason behind this is that team feels that the game could use an extra month of polish. “The game has to be the best game it could possibly be,” said Irrational Games boss Ken Levine. The game was previously pushed back from 2012 to February 26 next year. Here are some of the mouth-watering features detailed by Irrational for the game:

Discover Columbia

The city of Columbia was built by the US Government in the late 1800s to serve as a floating world’s fair. The city was sent to travel from continent to continent and show the rest of the world the success of the American experiment. Unknown to most, Columbia was also a “death star,” secretly packed with weaponry. Political strife caused Columbia to secede from America and the city disappeared. No one knows how to get to Columbia.

Explore the Sky-Lines

The Sky-Lines were initially built as a means for shipping and moving cargo in Columbia, but the city’s youth quickly found a way to use them as a death-defying means of movement. As the struggle between factions in Columbia intensified, they become not only a method of transportation but also a facilitator of combat. In the second BioShock Infinite gameplay demo, you saw Booker maneuver through a system of interweaving Sky-Lines to outwit and outmaneuver his foes.”

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