Assassin’s Creed 3 Money farming guide

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With the huge amount of stuff to do in Assassin’s Creed 3 world, it’s no surprise that money plays quite a large role: you’ll need quite a lot of it if you want to achieve that 100% synchronization.
Your friends here at GamerSyndrome will give some tips on how to improve your balance without having too many problems.

  • Treasure Chests

One quick way to get a good amount of cash is getting all the treasure chests; it’s not as tedious as it may sound since you can buy some in-game maps that will help your treasure hunting endeavors.

  • Hunting

You’re most profitable targets are bears and beavers: you can easily get around 1900£ for 4 beaver pelts if sold in an upgraded convoy. If you’re not up for hunting, you can even just buy and sell them.
If you think you’re ready to face some bears you’re in for some really profitable hunting because there’s an easy and quick way to make them respawn: fast travel to your Homestead entrance in the Frontier; follow the road and turn left towards the water as soon as you see it. Under the cliff close to the water there should be two bears, kill them, collect the items and fast travel again: if you get back to the same location two more bears will be waiting for you. Since bear pelts are one of the best items to sell for profit you’re really going to get a lot of money from this!

  • Homestead Missions

Doing Homestead missions is fundamental to get crafting going along since you’ll recruit and improve artisans after completing these assignments. You can check out our Artisans guide here for some tips and tricks

  • Crafting

Creating items to sell on convoys is another great way to make money. We already covered everything you need to know on Crafting here, so head there and start making some profitable items!

  • Convoys

To send convoys you must load them and send them off through the Trading menu on the Accounting books. Don’t waste space with cheaper items, try to get them full with the best items you have.
Before sending the convoy there are two things to take care of to maximize profits: clearing out forts and checking the risk.
Clearing forts will lower taxes and increase revenues so the less Templars owned forts the more the money earned. You’ll be able to clear Boston and Frontier forts starting from sequence 6 and New York forts starting from sequence 9. You can read more on our Forts guide.
There’s a way to reduce risk for convoys, you can do Liberation Missions and Privateer Contracts: to further reduce risk I suggest you send the convoy to a single merchant, lowering the chance of being attacked. Even if a convoy gets attacked, nothing is lost yet: when you receive the notification you can fast travel to the convoy’s location to defend it yourself or send Assassin recruits.


The better the level of your recruits, the higher the chance they’ll be able to defend the convoy.

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