Assassin’s Creed 3 Artisans guide

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Artisans in Assassin’s Creed are central in the new crafting system: recruiting them as soon as you can and improving their level will be crucial in getting the best items as soon as you can. It’s also one of the best ways to make money since crafted items can be sold for some good value.

Recruiting and leveling artisans is done through Homestead missions: they’re easier than the regular story missions but they’re also very easy to miss. Ignoring them can really impact your crafting endeavors because you may lack the time needed to properly improve their skills.

It’s important that you plan your Homestead’s missions so that you won’t miss anything: you’ll have to start from sequence 5 after you meet Achilles. If you’re not up for some planning, we’re here to help you!

Artisan’s Name Can Craft
Lance the Wood Worker Can craft weapons and consumables
Oliver & Corinne the Inn Keepers Can craft food and alcohol
Big Dave the Blacksmith Can craft weapons, metalwork, war supplies, consumables and inventions
Lyle White the Doctor Can craft medication
Ellen the Tailor Can craft capacity upgrades such as pouches and clothing
  • Sequence 5

In this sequence you’ll be able to recruit lumberers, woodworkers and farmers. Simply go back to Achilles after you’re done with the lumberer’s event; be careful to get the farmer’s mission in the Frontier.
Try to get them in the summer since some missions won’t be available during winter.

  • Sequence 6

In these sequence you’ll have to get the Lumberer to level 3, the farmer to level 2, recruit the miner in Boston and get the huntress and bring her to level 2. Just like in Sequence 5, get the missions during summer.
If you talk to Achilles again you’ll begin the “Encyclopedia of the Common Man” side quest, you can complete it now or in the following sequence without problems.

  • Sequence 7

In this sequence you can recruit the innkeeper, level up miners and farmers twice and lumberers as well.
In this sequence you must complete the “Encyclopedia of the Common Man” if you haven’t already to keep going with the right development strategy.

  • Sequence 8

Not much to do in this sequence: you can recruit the blacksmith in the Frontier during summer and level up the miner.

  • Sequence 9

Unlike Sequence 8, there’s a lot you have to do here. You can get the tailor, the priest, the doctor and also level the blacksmith in New York. In Boston you’ll be able to level up the woodworker and level up the blacksmith once more. The priest can be leveled up in Boston as well.
After completing all these events you can found the Achille’s sidequest in New York.

  • Sequence 10

Some leveling awaits the doctor,blacksmith and woodworker in Boston.

  • Sequence 11

The doctor can be brought to level 3 in this sequence.

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