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This year showed strengths for the James Bond franchise. A new movie coming out, a successful remake of the video game Goldeneye 64. Things are going good for the franchise. Yet, 007 Legends is just the opposite of good. 007 Legends is a better example of what NOT to do with a video game. 50 years of 007’s big screen adventures should have provided the team at Eurocom with a plenty of huge stunts, style and subterfuge to draw from. However, it seems like the development team looked at the back covers of a few of the DVDs in the franchise and then decided to make the game seem like a cheap rip off of Call of Duty, with a little James Bond mixed in.

The game starts off like this: in a scene from the upcoming Skyfall movie, Daniel Craig’s 007 is accidentally shot by a female sniper while fending off an enemy on the roof of a moving train. Bond then plummets down into a river below, where he’s struck by a series of flashbacks to his previous adventures, each of which serve as the five different missions in the game. Those missions are taken from Goldfinger, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, License to Kill, Die Another Day and Moonraker, with a sixth mission based on Skyfall to be released as a free DLC. You don’t play any of these missions in the order the movies came out, you play them very randomly and you play them as Daniel Craig’s 007.

The whole entire game feels off and it starts at the moment the game starts. While there are some moments that are faithful to the original movies, like the cutscene in which Bond is strapped  to a slab of gold and sweating on Goldfinger’s crotch-searing laser, the rest of 007 Legends is barely recognizable as a Bond experience. It really seems like it’s a ripped off version of Call of Duty.

None of the missions are at all memorable, each mission is structured the exact same way. Bond goes in with a machine gun, kills everyone on his way to a villain’s base, before taking some photos and scanning fingerprints in their office, and then killing everyone on his way out again. It gets very boring and incredibly predictable after a while. 007 Legends features some pathetic hacking mini-games, along with extremely poor driving missions and then some hilarious boss fights.

The really sad part about this game is it’s ending, actually it’s lack of an ending. The Skyfall DLC isn’t some optional extra DLC you can get if you’d like another mission, it’s actually the end of the single player game. You play through the five missions on the disc and once you finish Moonraker it ends. It very abruptly transitions into the credits. Obviously the Skyfall DLC wasn’t included so that it wouldn’t give away the movie’s storyline. However, not having this mission makes the game feel not finished.

Eurocom delivered the HD remake GoldenEye: Reloaded, the best James Bond game since well, the original GoldenEye 64. Unfortunately the developer failed to make a good game out of 007 Legneds. It’s just a terrible ‘tribute’ to the history of James Bond, a really terrible tribute to the game. This game is perfect if you spend $2 from Redbox and rent the game for 1 night. It’s just not worth paying $60 for a terrible unfinished game.


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