Need for Speed Most Wanted is the same game on Vita as PS3 says Criterion

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, Need for Speed Most Wanted producer Matt Webster revealed lots of details about the PS Vita version of the high-speed racer, including the fact that the PlayStation Vita version is identical to the PS3 and Xbox 360 ones.

“As much as we possibly could, we wanted to deliver all the great things about the console version of the game: an open world, freedom, choice, variety, highly connected. All those principles looked like they were achievable on the machine, so that was what we set out to do.”

Matt stated that in chasing that goal, they did come across some challenges. “You just run across performance challenges. Some of those are fundamental, which you learn to overcome as development progresses, and others you have to make some compromises.”

But Criterion eventually managed to pull it off:

“It is exactly the same game [as the PlayStation 3 version] apart from traffic density and number of players online.” He then goes on to say “I think it will turn out to be something that PS Vita owners didn’t realize was possible on that machine – it is quite a significant achievement to do an open world game to the level of quality that we’ve managed. And then to have something as highly connected as it is – that’s something fresh and new. I think it will find a really good home on PS Vita.”

Need for Speed Most Wanted is releasing as early as October 30 on PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Android and iOS.

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